BrightGene Bio-Medical Technology Co., Ltd. is a research driven biopharmaceutical company that engages in the R&D and manufacturing of innovative medicine as well as special generic APIs and FDFs with primary strategic focus on the regulated market. 

We have an exciting and very promising innovative pipeline including immuno-oncological therapeutic agents, orally available GLP-1RA peptides for type 2 diabetes, antibody drug conjugates for solid tumor, novel non-antibody dependent tumor targeting conjugates for brain cancer and solid tumor brain-metastasis.

In parallel, we have also developed a special generic pipeline of extremely challenging molecules like Eribulin, Trabectedin, Fondaparinux, Caspofungin and non-biological macromolecules such as Ferumoxytol and Ferric pyrophosphate citrate, also we have developed ADC cytotoxic payloads, like Maytansinoids, Auristatins, and Calicheamicin.

Aim at regulated market, BrightGene has cGMP compliance factories, and has got approval from USFDA, EU, PMDA, KFDA and CFDA.We pride ourselves in exceptional R&D capability and robust project execution. Combining high productivity and cost-effective resources, along with unmatched regulatory and technical know-how, BrightGene is uniquely positioned to compete in the global pharmaceutical industry, particularly the fast growing specialty pharmaceutical sector.


BrightGene Pharmaceutical Co. Ltd. ADD:Building C25-28, No.218 Xinghu Road, SIP, Suzhou, Jiangsu, China TEL:+86-(0)512-62551834 FAX:+86-(0)512-62551799

BrightGene Fine Chemical Co. Ltd. ADD:No.22 Binjiang South Road, Taixing Economic Development Zone, Taizhou City, Jiangsu, China TEL:+86-(0)523-87679286FAX:+86-(0)523-87678188

BrightGene Fermentation Technology Co. Ltd. ADD:No.290, Chengnan Fengshixing Road, Beibei District, Chongqing, China TEL:+86-(0)23-63227399FAX:+86-(0)23-63227377



BrightGene dedicates in providing safe drugs with good quality and reasonable prices, for relesing patients from pains and bringing hopes back to their lives. 


We constantly challenge ourselves with open minds and persistent efforts, to pursue the precise and efficient perfection.

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BrightGene Bio-Medical Technology Co.,Ltd.

Address:BuildingC25-28,No.218Xinghu Road, SIP, Suzhou, Jiangsu, China

TEL:+86(0)512-62620988 +86(0)512-62551801 / 62551767 / 62551778 / 62551761 / 62551764


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ADD: BuildingC25-28,No.218Xinghu Road, SIP, Suzhou, Jiangsu, China


FAX: +86(0)512-62551799

POSTCODE: 215123

WEB: http://www.www.5191839.com

MAIL: sales@www.5191839.com ; IR@www.5191839.com

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